About Vein Finder/Vein Viewer/Vein Illuminator

What Is Vein Finder? What Can It do?

Vein finder can digitally displays a map of the vasculature on the surface of the skin or a screen in real time, aiding healthcare professionals to verify vein patency and avoid valves or bifurcations.Vein finder is a proven modality that can improve patient care and save valuable time for both clinicians and patients.

How Does Vein Finder Work? What's the Principle Of Vein Finder?

Harmless near-infrared light is projected on to the skin and then absorbed by blood, but reflected by surrounding tissue. Vein Finder captures that information, processing it to project a full field digital image of the patient’s vein pattern.

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What Kind of Light Does A Vein Finder Use?

Near-infrared light.

Vein Finder( Also known as Vein Viewer) uses Near-infrared light to detect veins.

Is Vein Finder Harmful?

All vein finder has no harm for human because the light wave is in the safe range for human body. VeinSight vein finder uses harmless near-infrared light so it can be used in all body part without any concern about the health.
But if you are using vein finder with light source of laser, you sould not staring into the beam or detect veins near eyes.

What Are the Benefits of Vein Finder?

Using this technology, finding locations for injections is simple, quick, and convenient. This keeps the treatment process on-track and safe. Additionally, the guide map created by vein finder minimizes the possibility of failed injections that can lead to bruising or other complications.

What Does It Feel Like?

Nothing! There is no physical contact required while scanning; only a harmless light projected onto your skin.

About VeinSight Vein Finder

Why Choose VeinSight?

VeinSight vein finder first model VS200 was launched in 2017, and kept improving the VS series product ever since, we are one of the most professional vein finder manufacturers in the international market and your trusted bussiness partner.
If you are looking a long term vein finder suppliar, please contact us at info@veinsight.com

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How Many Models VeinSight has? and What's the Difference Between These Models?

VeinSight series now has two model for options, the VS400 and VS500.
VS400 is the classic model of VeinSight, it has been in the market since 2018 and sold in US, UK, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Japan, Korea, India and many other countries.
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VS500 is our latest model, it may be one of the most advanced vein finder in the international market, because it has many unique features. Such as distance sensor, it's inportant to keep vein finder in the right distance with the patients to get the best vein image, and VS500 will detect if the distance is in the right range, and will indicate it in the projected vein image. Besides that, VS500 has vein centra line features and can save vein image and export to computers. If you are looking for the high end vein finder, which can bring the using expirience into the next level, VS500 is what you are looking for.

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What certificate Does VeinSight have?

VeinSight has all certificate you may need to sell or register in local, CE, FDA, FSC, and ISO

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About BLZ Tech

Who We Are?

BLZ Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology innovation company which is founded by a team of doctors and masters, focusing on intelligent robot and machine vision. BLZ Tech has R&D certer located in Wuhan, China.

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What We Do?

BLZ Tech has steped into two field, the Visualization Technology and Non-invasive Monitoring. BLZ Tech has launched VeinSight Vein Finder, and are now working on Digital 3D Dental scanner and Non-invasive Absolute Tissue Oximeter. We will keep bring new and affordable product into the market.

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